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    Zhongshan City Dongsheng Zhen Jia high frequency machinery limited company
    Li Guocai Business Manager
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    Zhongshan Jia Zhen high frequency machinery limited company is a professional R & D high frequency machine, blister packing machine, high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency machine and high frequency ultrasonic mechanical equipment such as machinery and equipment series, the core components are imported high-quality accessories adopt mechanical equipment, so that to achieve durable, stable quality. Enterprises to develop high frequency plastic welding machine, ultrasonic machine equipment and blister packaging machine equipment is dominant, the welding equipment: high frequency plastic welding machine
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    • Blister bakelite mold
    • ZJ-50
    • ZJ-50
    • ZJ-5K/8K/10K
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    • ZJ-5K/8K/10K double oil pressure dual-use high frequency machine
    • ZJ-1500W
    • ZJ-1220
    • ZJ-50
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